DUSTCONTROL DC100 is the cost-effective solution for immediate dust suppression in a wide range of applications. The product is a non-corrosive and immediately effective hygroscopic dust suppression solution. With DUSTCONTROL DC300 we also offer an environmentally friendly alternative based on naturally renewable raw materials. DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 keeps paved gravel roads safe and dust-free. The special formula extracts moisture from the surrounding

atmosphere and thus ensures that the road surface is permanently moisturised. The finest dust particles are bound by DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 to larger particles in the soil and thus remain in the carriageway. This also improves the strength of the road surface and significantly reduces the formation of potholes. DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 can be easily applied with all existing irrigation equipment.


  • DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 is an environmentally friendly, non-corrosive dust suppression product.

  • DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 reduces water usage, operating costs and labour time.

  • The application of DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 offers municipalities and communities the opportunity to enhance the quality of their rural unpaved roads, while saving on maintenance costs.

  • DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 comes in a ready-to-use liquid solution.

  • Application is quick and easy, and results are immediately visible.
  • Easy to apply with a water tanker, water barrel or other existing irrigation equipment – no special equipment needed.

  • Often one application per summer is enough. If this is not sufficient, the effect can be renewed by re-applying DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 with just half the original application quantity.

  • Where dust control has previously been carried out with water (for example on construction sites, gravel pits or in mines), DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 can be applied in diluted form to reduce the frequency of watering and thus save valuable resources and costs.

  • DUSTCONTROL DC100/DC300 extends the life of equipment and machinery used on construction sites, gravel pits or mines.